Caramel Pictures is a prominent commercial production company for food commercials as well as live action films. Our commercial production company was founded by Director/DP Will van der Vlugt. Caramel pictures is specialised in tabletop & food films, which are broadcasted globally.

High speed video production

Caramel’s food commercials are often created in high speed. The videos are shot with a great number of frames per second, resulting in extreme slow motion creations. To be able to produce these kinds of slow motion videos, Caramel Pictures only uses the most professional equipment. The Phantom cameras are absolute winner when it comes to producing tabletop &  food commercials. But we are not easily satisfied. Caramel Pictures also uses two High Speed Robots The result is a distinctive and exciting camera move, even while the action is in super slow motion. At present, this is the ultimate tool for creating great tabletop & food shots.

Food commercial portfolio

Caramel Pictures works together with top food brands such as Coca Cola – Schweppes, Magnum, Merci, Lindt and many more. Click here to see our complete portfolio.

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