Caramel Pictures is known as an award-winning tabletop production company with multiple food directors and DP’s. We are creators and producers of advertising content for television and new media specialised in food. Caramel Pictures has three fully-equipped production studios with professional camera equipment, in-house lighting sets and a water tank. And that’s not all: we also provide full post-production services. If this was already much to digest, wait until you see our bleeding edge high speed video productions.

Food Commercials by Caramel Pictures

Each tabletop director at the Caramel Pictures studio has his own history and expertise. For example, Will van der Vlugt has worked for food brands like Nestle, KitKat, McDonald’s and Coca Cola, and the list of world’s leading brands goes on. Food commercial director Niels Boon has made tabletop commercials for big boys like Senseo, Lay’s, Maaslander and Jupiler. To complement our Tabletop Directors, Caramel Pictures also houses live action food commercial directors: meet Arno Dierickx, Andreas Grassl and Ivo Mostertman.

Food Directors with professional equipment

At Caramel Pictures we always use the latest and most professional equipment. We work with Phantom cameras which are very accurately controlled by our High Speed Robotics. These robots create distinctive and dynamic camera movements. It’s this camera technique that makes a food commercial look dynamic and modern, so much that you can almost smell and taste the food. To make a long story short: each live action and Tabletop Director works with the ultimate tools for creating the best end result possible, being either Tabletop food films or live action commercials.

Food tabletop portfolio

Caramel Pictures has been working with lots of food brands such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Magnum, Merci, Lindt and many more. Click here to see our complete food tabletop portfolio.

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