Commercial production company Caramel Pictures is an award-winning tabletop production company. More specifically, It is a commercial production company at which in-house special FX, high speed camera’s & robots and post production are combined with a dedicated group of experts in the field of Food & Tabletop video production.

High speed tabletop studio

Caramel Pictures has the largest private tabletop studios in the Netherlands, with three fully-equipped production stages, a water tank, professional camera equipment , in-house lighting sets and full post-production services. Each and every commercial is filmed by using modern equipment  of the highest quality. We use Phantom cameras which are controlled by our High Speed Robotics. The result is a distinctive and exciting camera move, even while the action is in super slow motion. At present, these are the ultimate tools for creating great tabletop & food shots.

Commercial production company

As an international tabletop company we proudly present our tabletop & food films . We are particularly proud of the projects we have done for big brands like Merci, Wherter’s Original, Coca Cola and Peijnenburg. Want to see more of our tabletop & food work ? Click here.

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